Welcome to The Kids Line (thekidsline.com). We're here to help you find trendy premium apparel and accessories for your babies & for mommy too, at affordable prices.  

By sacrificing shipping time. We get the items shipped directly from the manufacturers, which means it takes around 2-3 weeks, but it saves a TON of costs in logistics (bulk shipping costs to the US, customs fees, warehousing costs, product handling fees, USPS / UPS costs). No joke - all that stuff can turn a $40 product into $100 product pretty quickly. By giving up shipping time, we're saving you a butt-ton of money.

You want your babies to look fabulous and feel amazing, right? Of course! So, that's our 24/7 goal for you. To offer a wide selection of top selling styles, trends and features for your babies to get just the right look, color, feature, and fit from your baby wear. If we achieve our goal, your favorite baby wear will be what you've purchased here at thekidsline.com! We'll also introduce you to what's new, what's in style and what's out of style.  And, to show you what items our customers love and why they love them. We ship daily to 100's of parents all across the globe. If you make a purchase today, it will be shipped within 48 - 72 hours. Thank you again for being here. We're excited to have you as a customer and hope to become one of YOUR favorite online stores!

Our collections of baby & mommy apparel & accessories are updated weekly.

We care about the kids! ****Don't forget to select the charity of choice at checkout.  We will be posting any deposits to the charities on a monthly basis. 

We have selected the following as your options, but if you have suggestions, please feel free to share it with us: 

-St. Judes - www.stjude.org

-Child Aid - www.child-aid.org

-Kids With A Cause - www.kidswithacause.org

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